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on your auto repairs!

Local shops & dealerships provide discounts for you to try out their repair services.

Local Shops

Verified Reviews

Instant Savings


Local Shops
AutoPair works with local repair shops and new car dealerships to provide discounts to try their services.

Find a repair shop close to you! Search through the AutoPair network and find a new car dealership, independent repair shop, or franchise repair facility providing you an incentive to try their services.

Independent, New Car, & Franchise

Local Shops

Search our network by city, state, zip code or even make and model to find a local shop.

Trusted Reviews
Merchant Ratings & Reviews from previous customers ONLY that have purchased and used the shop.

AutoPair Ratings and Reviews consist of separate ratings for Quality of Work, Customer Service, Professionalism, Cleanliness of Shop, Value. Then we aggregate these to an overall rating for the shop along with the customer's experience. Reviews you can trust!

Verified customers

Trusted Reviews

Star rating, experience reviews gives you an overall picture before you decide!

Instant Savings
Merchants provide discounts to you to try out their shops that are delivered to you immediately!

These certificates can be delivered to your smart device or printed. Then take your vehicle in for service and present your certificate. The merchant deducts the value of the certificate from your bill, saving you money. It's that simple!

Avg. 80% discount

Instant Savings

Certificates are delivered to your smart device or printed immediately.

Your certificate is guaranteed to save you money on your repairs and maintenance.

AutoPair promises that your certificate will reduce your repair bill at the merchant providing the certificate or AutoPair will refund 110% of your money back. *

You're Protected


Your purchase is guaranteed or we will refund you 110% of your purchase price.

* please refer to the AutoPair Guarantee for details.

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How It Works
Shops want to earn your business by offering you a discount to try their services.
Search the directory for a local shop or dealership.
Purchase a certificate for repairs or maintenance on your vehicle.
Take your vehicle in for service as you normally would.
Present your certificate and the shop reduces your bill saving you money!
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See what others have to say...

Aurora, IL
I'm always a little apprehensive when I take my car in to get serviced. Reading the shop reviews and details before-hand made me feel more at ease.

Julie Aurora, IL

Naperville, IL
My husband and I both depend on our cars. the certificates have definitely saved us money and helped our budget, which is tight with a young family.

Emily Naperville, IL

Chicago, IL
I recently moved to Chicago and needed to have my brakes done. I found a shop really close to me, they were top notch and took care of my car.

Chris Chicago, IL

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